Tissue paper is a very difficult production of high-level cultural industrial paper, the product’s technical characteristics are: with high physical strength, excellent uniformity and transparency, and good surface properties, smooth, good printability.

Usually, the printing paper’s production is divided into two basic processes of pulp and paper making, pulping is using the mechanical methods, chemical methods or a combination of the two methods to make plant fiber raw materials dissociated into the nature of pulp or bleached pulp. Papermaking is using the pulp fiber suspended in the water via a variety of processing combined with the different paper.

The normal paperweight of tissue paper are 17g/m2 – 40g/m2 and the standard flat paper size is 787*1090 mm.

Sunlight Industry Ltd is a professional supplier of colored tissue paper and custom printed tissue paper. We can provide tissue paper in rolls or flat sheets as per the customer’s different request.

Below are two images of our color tissue paper & custom printed tissue paper for your reference:

colored tissue paper

custom tissue paper

How to judge the tissue paper is good or not?

First, check whether the paper appearance is smooth, delicate, uniform light transmittance (ie, uniformity); the second: check its physical strength performance, the tear degree is high, indicating that the transparency and quality of the tissue paper are higher.


Tissue paper is widely used in wrapping fruits, shoes, apparel, cosmetics, jewelry, leather handbags, hardware, gifts etc.

Whatever your business, you will discover that custom printed tissue paper offers a huge range of benefits.

  • Extremely environmentally friendly for protecting your products
  • A cost-effective way to make your clients remember your company
  • Advertising on printed tissue paper with your own design
  • Adds a classy look for your packaging and makes it stand out
  • Reinforce your customer’s luxurious retail experience
  • Perfect combination with custom paper bags & gift boxes

If you are in need of tissue paper in the future, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you.