The branded packaging experience is a well-thought-out selection of packaging forms and transport materials to showcase the creation process of our product. The goal is to add value to our customers’ identity by creating an unforgettable and shareable consumer experience. So how do we create a shareable unboxing experience for the brand?

For e-commerce companies, the packaging is the most direct contact point with customers, and it is often one of the most overlooked marketing opportunities for businesses.

When was the last time you seriously thought about your packaging form and unbox experience?

For many online retailers, the answer is usually never before.

The need for packaging in e-commerce is to protect the most important thing – the products that our customers order. However, with the development of e-commerce and the shift in consumer habits, providing a complete brand experience that runs through the entire consumer process goes beyond the product itself.

In this article, we try to discuss how important it is to use all the tools and resources to provide a great branded unboxing experience, and how our customers will enjoy sharing these experiences with their friends and family.

So let’s take a look at what we can do to improve.

1. What’s the branded packaging experience?

The branded packaging experience is a well-thought-out selection of packaging forms and transport materials to showcase the creation process of our product. The goal is to add value to our customers’ identity by creating an unforgettable and shareable consumer experience.

Compared with physical retailing, e-commerce lacks more contact points to deeply impress customers, so it is very important to make good use of each contact point. We must shape our brand experience by creating an unforgettable experience for our customers so that we can stand out from our competitors.

SnackCrate is a company that treats customers’ unboxing experience with care. From the beginning, they customized a printing box with their own logo and wrapped the snacks with their own design tissue paper to match their brand closely.


From the moment of the snack leaves the SnackCrate until to your door, you’ll find yourself has an experience that you might can’t wait to open the package.

The snacks are carefully put into the box to assure the product fully displayed when the box is opened, and the theme of each month’s snacks is different (new country snacks), so that customers can deeply understand their intentions. In order to further create a surprise and expectant brand experience for customers, as long as you become a member, you will have the opportunity to get tickets for free travel around the world.

snack tissue paper

It’s amazing that SnackCrate started as a small snack company in an old firehouse a few years ago and now their single-day sales in 2019 are 25 times that of 2015. It is going for $18 million this year.

2. Why it’s so important of branded packaging experience?

An important part of building a long-term, sustainable brand is to get customers back and forth again and again. Although repeatedly mentioned by many commercial organizations and media, we should still recognize that it is an effective way to reduce the operating cost of encouraging the existing customers to buy again rather than blindly looking for new customers.

The survey found that 52% of consumers are happy to make repeated purchases from online merchants that offer quality packaging. Also, if the product packaging is unique, 40% of consumers will take photos and share them via social media.

3. What influenced the brand packaging experience?

A well-designed brand packaging and unboxing experience can contain many factors. We don’t have to cover every single factor, but we focus on which factors can help bring the best experience and value to our customers.

Let’s look at some of the factors that might be considered:

  • Shipping box

The biggest factor to consider is the shipping box. Traditionally, white and brown corrugated boxes have dominated by low prices. The courier box is the easiest way to provide a stunning experience, but it is often accompanied by high costs.

shipping box

  • Custom tissue paper

With all the talk of custom packaging going on, boxes tend to get the bulk of attention. But, what about once a customer opens that box up? If all that’s waiting for them is their purchase, well that’s a good thing, of course, but it’s also a missed opportunity.

Using custom and attractive packaging options inside the box is yet another chance to reinforce your branding, and make your customers feel special and appreciated. It may add only seconds to their unboxing experience, or even entire minutes if they’re that taken by your packaging choices. But it shows that you’re paying attention, that you’re grateful for the time they’re spending with you. And we think custom tissue paper is a great way to do that.

custom tissue paper

Google research shows that one in five people have watched an unboxing experience online, and a YouTube search of keyword “unboxing” turns up approximately 106 million results. In a new survey, 66 per cent of buyers of products used unboxing videos for research to get a feel for the product before they actually ordered it online.

  • Fillers

Usual box fillers are foam items, air pillows, bubble wrap, tray or cut paper. If your items are fragile, paper won’t help, but you can use colour bubble paper instead!

velvet tray for wine box

  • Sticker

These stickers are used to hold the tissue paper. They are extremely cheap but make your parcel look like a true present.


  • Business card (discount, coupons, loyalty program invitations)

A business card is not a card that displays company information in the traditional sense. It adds branding to the package in a very low-cost way.

For example, we can put a coupon card to provide the receiving customer with a discount for the next order, or even consider adding an extra one, so that users can give their relatives and friends some extra word of mouth marketing.

  • Receipt

The receipt should be the standard content in the package list, but how to deliver it to our customers has a lot of room to improve.

  • Tape

Transparency tape, right? Now, we can choose different colours of tape to match our custom packaging and brand colour.

printed tape

  • Gift

A small gift can be used as an unexpected surprise to pleasure the customer and enhance his overall experience.

  • Samples

Based on the customer data, we can also consider putting a trial sample, which is likely to achieve cross-selling by introducing new products to customers.

  • Envelope

The envelope is cheap and can be used to store any paper sheets with information. It is wise to provide a branded envelope for items that are supposed to be stored, like warranties or receipts.

Whether to customize branded packaging depends on the cost associated with it. Some creative ideas can help us save costs and achieve similar results. If you want to further customize, you can contact Sunlight for your packaging designs.